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As Georgia becomes a Constitutional Carry State there will be more citizens exercising their right to carry and with this brings questions and considerations for the public. This course will cover the question, what is Georgia Constitutional Carry, in addition to understanding the mindset and responsibility of carrying a firearm. The class will discuss responsibility of carrying, avoiding danger, De-selection, use of force and the benefits of furthering your training in general. This is a great class to start or expand your journey of firearm carrying and defense.


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Do you have a plan to protect your home and family from a dangerous threat?

In this two hour- comprehensive course you will leave with a complete guide to understanding situational awareness and avoiding conflict, home security and home defense, the psychology of handling violent encounters, as well as de-escalating a situation. You will leave this class with all of the tools you need to create a home protection plan as well as understand the importance of having one.


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Building a First Aid Kit or just knowing what medical items to pack can be overwhelming.

Join us for a class that will teach you how to build your own first aid kits whether it is for hiking, camping, vehicle or range bag. We will help you understand the tools you need and how to customize the kit to meet your needs.

The price of the class includes a compact kit with a zippered USCCA pouch which contains four lifesaving items as well as plenty of room for you to stock it with a customized selection of medical supplies for your needs.


- Military Combat Application Tourniquet (with instructions for how to use it)

- Seat Belt Cutter With Sheath - Antibacterial Wipes

- Black Med Pouch With Molle Attachment (has enough room to add other preferred medical accessories) Additional Medical supplies will be available at the class for purchase.


(Includes First Aid Start Kit)

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Have you ever wondered what gear you need to properly carry your firearm?

Did you know there are options for protective panels in your backpack?

Have you thought about safety Gear you need for your protection?

 Join us in a free class to discuss the various options for carrying a firearm, learn about body armor backpacks and valuable gear that can keep you, your family and your firearms safe.

This is the 1st part in the series of Gears and Gadgets. Safety and Protection Topic:

- Concealed Carry option (Holsters, leggings, bags, etc)

- Body Armor and bag protection for the average person

- Gun Safes and Storage


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